Our People


LCSW, CDVC, CCBT - President & CEO

Patricia has dedicated her entire adult life, both personal and professional, to helping others who are in crisis or who are struggling with emotional or personal issues that are negatively impacting their quality of life and pathways to success.

Patricia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who earned her graduate degree from the prestigious Fordham School of Social Work in 1995. Her mastery of and fluency in English, Spanish, and Italian greatly expand the breadth of clients who feel comfortable reaching out to her for help. She is an exceptional therapist who is imbued with compassionate understanding of culturally diverse lifestyles and culturally specific family dynamics. This knowledge is further enhanced by her exceptional clinical training, experience, and expertise in treating domestic violence, sexual abuse, autism, eating disorders, developmental or cognitive disabilities and grief. She utilizes all of these skill sets to develop appropriate treatment models that are specific to the unique needs of each client.

In addition, Patricia has acquired superior supervisory, strategic planning and program management skills. These strengths further enhance her ability to effectively coordinate and integrate appropriate clinical models across multiple programs. In so doing, she is able to optimize the value of quality services and ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Inspiring and guiding clients to identify their own “inner peace”, to harness it, and to use its tremendous power throughout the good and bad times in their lives, is always at the heart of Patricia’s work.

MS. Ed., CDVC, CCBT - Coordinator of Services for Children

Martha possesses an exceptional understanding of children’s educational and emotional development. She has, for fifteen years, been a Bilingual School Psychologist in an urban, multicultural school district. Throughout her tenure there she has demonstrated superior expertise in developmental and cognitive disabilities, bilingual psycho-educational testing, classroom management, behavior modification and crisis intervention.

After careful and thorough assessment of the client, Martha synthesizes information from a variety of sources to develop treatment plans that utilize the most appropriate strategies and techniques for each particular client. Fluency in both English and Spanish, coupled with her broad based understanding of bicultural values, and customs enable her to work effectively and sensitively with children and families from a wide range of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. Her clinical expertise and experience reach across many areas including domestic violence, sexual abuse, the autism spectrum, eating disorders and grief counseling.

Martha is a sensitive, compassionate, and dedicated professional who presents with an awesome blend of clinical, advocacy and program management skills that serve her clients well.


LSW, CCBT - Psychotherapist

Allison is a licensed social worker/clinician and certified cognitive behavior therapist.
She utilizes an eclectic treatment approach including psychodynamics, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness therapy, play therapy, sand tray therapy and solution focused therapy among other modalities. Allison is an empathetic, understanding and caring professional dedicated to improve the quality of life of the clients she serves. Allison’s unique personal traits facilitates the engagement and treatment process of children. She is well versed in working with children, adolescents and adults of different backgrounds struggling with a wide range of issues and difficult life transitions. Allison’s diverse experience includes working with severely traumatized youth and teenagers in group home settings to helping older adults and their families deal with end of life issues. She carefully develops the most appropriate treatment plan tailored to meet each clients’ unique and individual needs. Allison maintains a supportive and non-judgmental presence with her clients even during the most difficult situations and crises.

In working with the younger population, she has identified the importance of getting to the root of the problem as unresolved issues can negatively impact daily functioning and coping with difficult situations later in life. She truly believes that each client has their own unique strengths that with support and guidance, can be brought to the surface during the therapeutic journey.

Allison’s expertise includes helping those suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, and eating disorders. She incorporates a myriad of treatment techniques including CBT and mindfulness in order to help with various issues and symptoms. Allison recently became a certified Laughter Yoga Leader to add to her credentials in an effort to bring joy into the lives of her clients who find it difficult to de-stress. Allison is a passionate and dedicated professional whose wide range of experiences serves her clients well.