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Child Study Team Evaluations

Certified professionals at Peace and Wellness Center, LLC offer a comprehensive menu of comprehensive specialized assessments. Our team can provide multilingual psychological assessments, educational evaluations, psychosocial assessments and speech and language assessments. The “Team” is comprised of trained professionals who have years of work experience in a school district environment. They embrace “best practices” to ensure that clients are as comfortable as possible while engaging in evaluations, interviews or services. Peace and Wellness Center prides itself on presenting a professional, warm and nurturing environment that produces reliable test results and weaknesses that accurately identify the strengths and deficits of student learning throughout continuous development.

Psychological Evaluations

School Psychology

  • Review Existing Documentation
  • Consider Family History
  • Assess Functional Performance
  • Standardized Testing
  • Examine Behavior
  • Confer with Professionals
  • Interview Students

imgCertified school psychologists conduct an in-depth review of all relevant and current information for a student. The revised documents include composition questionnaires and family history, evaluations and school reports, information gathered during interviews with parents and services provided by other agencies.

We perform a functional performance evaluation for a child. This protocol may include rating scales, surveys, inventories, and checklists, all clinically recognized tools of psychological testing. We administer a standardized cognitive evaluation, as appropriate.

Our assessment of adaptive behavior skills provides valuable information to evaluate the student’s psychological learning profile.

Educational Evaluations

Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant

  • Review Existing Documentation
  • Standardized Testing
  • Observe Behavior
  • Discuss with Caretakers
  • Confer with Professionals
  • Interview Students

imgCST (Child Study Team) certified professionals who have been trained to identify learning disabilities also conduct an in-depth review of the relevant student records. The documents for review include information provided by the parents, development records, school reports and service records, documents from external agencies that have already provided services and results of intervention measures that have already been implemented.

Once the information has been gathered and evaluated, a learning specialist will administer standardized tests in areas of reported deficits. The results will be used to formulate a comparative evaluation.

Advanced training allows our trained professionals to closely observe, interact and interview (when appropriate) a child to gain additional knowledge of their abilities.

Personal interviews and / or interview forms completed by parents, teachers and / or school staff provide valuable information that, when incorporated into the evaluation profile, fills in some of the questionable gaps. In addition, one or more informal measures, such as the analysis of work samples, self-information or test teaching, can also be integrated into the evaluation.

Psychosocial Assessments

Social Worker

  • Prenatal, Natal and Post Natal Development
  • Social/Emotional Development of Student
  • Home and Family Background
  • Adaptive Social Functioning
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Parent and Student Observation

imgA psychosocial assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the students that is carried out through interviews with the parents and student observation. This evaluation process obtains relevant information on prenatal, natal and postnatal development, as well as physical and emotional development. The evaluation process also tracks and analyzes the educational history of students, including past and current academic performance. It takes into account the social / emotional development of the student and their ability to interact and deal with their environment. It includes information about the home and family background, adaptive social functioning, interpersonal relationships and emotional and personal traits. The evaluation is used to create a complete picture of the student that is used to determine eligibility for special education and related services.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language Therapist

  • Review Existing Documentation
  • Review Classroom Impact
  • Confer With Professionals
  • Interview and Observe the student
  • Discuss with Caretakers
  • Review Records
  • Informal Measures
  • Language Samples
  • Assess Skills Through Standardized Testing

imgCertified CST speech and language specialists conduct a comprehensive assessment of speech and language skills to measure proficiency in various fields: articulation, receptive and expressive language, voice, fluency, oral motor skills and auditory perceptual skills.

Difficulty or deficits in one or more of these areas can impede the learning process. For example, significant delays in receptive or expressive language often require help with speech and / or language.