Hardship Immigration Evaluations

Hardship Immigration Evaluations

At Peace and Wellness, we conduct Hardship Immigration Evaluations. These evaluations are done when someone is facing deportation and their deportation would cause an emotional or psychological hardship to them or their immediate family. At Peace and Wellness Center we conduct in-depth immigration hardship assessments using both clinical interview and objective mental health assessments to produce the best evidence to support your petition.  

VAWA (Violence Against Women Act)


  • Spouse who is Not a US Citizen

img At Peace and Wellness Center, we conduct VAWA Immigration Evaluations. These evaluations are done in cases where a spouse who is not a US citizen or permanent resident, is married to an American citizen who is physically, psychologically, and or emotionally abusive toward them or their children. In such cases, the abused spouse can apply to receive permission to continue to live in the United States, even if they divorce their abusive American-citizen spouse.